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Hi, and welcome to This site is currently being developed to explore the passion that is behind digital photography. At Extrememegapixel you will find a collection of High resolution photographs that were taken with one of the DSLR from my collection. I jumped back in to the photography game about five years ago after the birth of my grandson. I have to tell you that it's been 20 plus years since I picked up a camera other than a point and shoot. The challenges that I faced after unboxing my brand new Nikon D80 were a little overwhelming.

Back in the day I owned a few nice 35mm cameras that I could just pickup and fire away. It just came second nature. But now things have changed with the DSLR cameras on the market. The complexity of the Nikon lineup is just incredible. It did not take me long to figure out that the D80 was just not enough camera for me. Well I guess that it was time to rebuild the collection. Over the next few month I started to do my research and picked up a few used items on Ebay. The collection started to grow like a brush fire out of control. I seem to favor the Nikon brand for some reason, so I picked up a mint D200 body and it was love at first click! The pictures that I the D600 was producing were incredible. From that point on its been an uphill battle trying other models with new technologies. So why Because Bigger Photo's Kick Ass! I love pushing my camera to the maximum resolution. There is so much detail that you can explore with the larger megapixel cameras. The love I have for photography has opened my eyes to the world. I love taking pictures that pop when you look at them. In the last five years I have taken at least 30 thousand photos and every time I review them, I just want to get better! My wife is my biggest supporter of this wonderful hobby. She never gets mad when spend hours reviewing and post processing my images. The problem that I have is, where to put all of the images? How do I share the images with the family? The answer is right here! I built this site to display some of the images that I captured so they can be viewed by the world. At, We invite you to share your images, equipment and software reviews, and any photographic techniques that you have to help make this wonderful hobby even more enjoyable.

Another hobby that I am currently obsessed with is web page development. I have discovered the power of Adobe cs6 and I just can't seem to get enough time in the day to play. Between Dreamweaver, After effects, and Photoshop, I have my hands full. Did I mention that I am a Jquery junkie too! this web page that you are viewing is written in Jquery as well as css3 and Html5. I won't take credit for the coding of the slide shows, however I did modify the code to fit my needs. What a challenge that was.

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Black and whites to full 24mp color images